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Feel Fabulous Friday - knowing what to expect and WHY can reduce anxiety and more

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Here at Fabulous at Phonics!, I message all my students and their parents/carers 24 hours in advance of their tuition with information about teaching and learning. It comes with a caveat that this may be subject to change depending on how the child responds and takes time to set up photographs and write a basic itinerary. So, why do this? It's important to note here that I encourage discussion around this communication: not only about what we will be doing, but why we will be doing it. As meaning-seeking creatures, why is what drives not only everything we do, but also our emotional reactions to everything that happens to us. The negative impact of being left in the dark about why things are done the way they are can be so extreme for some people that explaining our thinking to others actually represents an opportunity to contribute to their well-being. Research has suggested that taking the time to explain yourself will help children and adults to develop a moral conscience, for students to achieve mastery, clients to stay happy, and personal relationships to flourish.

Students are far more likely to engage with learning if they understand the reason for different activities.
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